Saturday, September 28, 2013

Comparison -- Bite the Dust!

It's been nice being off of Facebook.  Not only did I realize that it was stealing my time, but I also realized how "free" I felt once I quit.  Free from what I didn't even know was holding me captive: COMPARISON.  I read an article from Momastery's blog (she is great-look her up) about how Facebook made her feel like crap.  I realized that I felt the same way.  Not constantly having that comparison demon breathing down my back has freed me up to raise my kids the unique way my husband and I  have decided to raise them. (After all, God made us all different, right?  Doesn't that translate into parenting?)  And it feels GREAT!  I can enjoy my kids without that feeling of guilt lurking around every corner.

"So and So just bought their first home" (while two kids later we have yet to buy a home)

"So and So only feeds their kids healthy AND organic food" (and once in a while-yes it's true-I let my kids eat some french fries)

"So and So has FOUR (or more!) kids and are handling it like it's nuthin'!" (here I am with my measly two kids and I seem to struggle every day)

"So and So does crafts, weekly playdates, homeschooles, has a perfectly clean house, AND manages to raise children!" (while I put my kids to bed thinking, "Well, at least they had something to eat and know they're loved."

Comparison, Shlum-Parison!  I'm done with it!  I am going to raise my kids the best I know how, whether or not I "measure up" with other moms or "measure up" to people's opinions or judgements about me and the way I raise my kids.  It is my business, not theirs.  My kids, not theirs.  I am tired of caring what other people think about me and how my family does things.  Please, for the love of Pete, just raise your kids the way you have decided to raise them and quit comparing yourself with other moms.  We're all human here.  We are ALL going to make mistakes.  There is no "perfect" way to parent your kids.  Just feel free to do it "your" way.  And "your" way--is the best way.  :)  

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  1. While I am not a mom, I do enjoy reading real life blogs of moms. Lots of the blogs I read the women are also moms. A few put on rose colored glasses but the ones that I enjoy are the ones that talk about how hard it is and how human we all are. Keeping you in my prayers!